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                Job Title: Foreign trade salesStart Time:2018-03-30

                Recruitment Unit:Shanghai Han Yu complete set of machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.
                Work Place:
                Start and end time:2018-03-30 - 2018-03-30

                job requirements:

                Post duties:
                1. responsible for the import and export business of the company generator and other products, using the company's existing platform, through the domestic and foreign exhibition, B2B website, Google promotion, social platform and other ways to develop overseas customers.
                2. Maintain the company's existing customers and develop new customers, deal with customer needs, price negotiations, promote the completion of orders;
                3. Complete the monthly sales targets and personal goals set by the company, and work together to achieve the monthly team performance.
                4. Collect customer forms, report to business supervisor regularly, and solve business problems in time.
                5. other matters to be handled by a superior leader.
                Requirements for office:
                1. Strong sales awareness and desire to make money, can adapt to foreign trade sales work hours;
                2. High comprehension, quick reaction, no barriers to spoken English and e-mail writing;
                3. familiar with the operation of foreign trade platform and related trade processes, and be able to develop business independently.
                4. college degree or above, fresh graduates preferred; (trade, machinery related majors).
                5. strong executive ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

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